Thames Sailing Barges

Thames Sailing Barges

Pratt Naval Architecture has worked with a number of these historic working vessels over the years, of iron, steel and timber construction.

In this case, Pratt Naval Architecture provided assistance to Topsail Charters Ltd  when new stability information was required for operation as Passenger Ships.

The barges were built to carry cargo in the early 1900’s and traded cargo until the 1970’s.  Their design had evolved into as efficient a sail-powered vessel as was possible with the materials and equipment then available and they could be handled by only two crew.

Initially existing information was assessed followed by checking hull lines in dry dock against existing drawings.

Inclining experiments were then conducted, overseen by the Flag Surveyors, in this case the UK’s MCA local surveyors.

Stability information books were then prepared for the anticipated loading conditions.

  • Hull Lines measurement
  • Stability Information Book
  • Inclining experiment
  • MCA Approval