Condition Surveys

A Condition Survey is a detailed examination intended to identify defects in the vessel.  The resulting report will provide recommendations for rectification of any issues found or further investigation required.

We  have surveyed many vessels of most types of construction over the years.  As a qualified Naval Architects we have additional detailed knowledge which often proves invaluable in assessing damage and defects.

A Full Condition Survey is most commonly required prior to purchase or for insurance purposes.

For steel vessels, an ultrasonic thickness survey is usually carried out as a part of the condition survey but may be carried out as a separate exercise.

In addition to a survey, often the surveyor may be requested to attend during vessel sea and dock trials.

Additional services, for example collecting machinery oil samples, arranging analysis and assessing the results can be provided, as well as a valuation.

Condition surveys of limited scope can be arranged if required, for instance a bottom external survey or structure-only survey.

We can bring to bear a wide variety of tools and equipment to aid examination and assessment  of vessels as appropriate to their construction.