YDSA Certifying Authority MCA Workboat Code Training Day 18th September 2019

PNAL attended and led a discussion regarding stability and freeboard assessment which generated a number of interesting discussion points.  James Pratt talked the group through the preparation and conduct of an inclining experiment.  A range of interesting and informative presentations were given together with the opportunity to examine and discuss a workboat afloat.



The Times 12th August 2019: Marchioness Lessons “still not learnt”

“The Port of London Authority has called for recommendations made after the Marchioness disaster 30 years ago to be introduced even though they would force some historic vessels off the water…..the MCA is expected to publish responses to [its] consultation shortly.” writes James Ashton.

Pratt Naval Architecture can assist owners and operators of historic vessels with damage survivability issues and develop practicable solutions to upgrade survivability.

Seawork  Commercial Marine Hybrid Conference 12th June 2019

Hear about our 38 m Hybrid Cruise Vessel design in a presentation by equipment supplier Hybrid Marine!

More details here.




MAIB Report into “Nancy Glen” Emphasises Need to Consider Stability 30th May 2019

MAIB logoThe safety lessons in MAIB’s flyer (link here) recommend “the potential for any modifications to a fishing vessel to affect its stability must be considered” .

Vessel owners and operators wishing to assess the likely effect on stability of proposed modifications to their vessel would be wise to contact the MCA, as MAIB recommend, or naval architects such as Pratt Naval Architecture.



MCA Second Consultation on “Grandfather Rights” of Older UK Passenger Ships 29th May 2019

Narrowing the scope of proposed damage survivability requirements to exclude all Class VI and some Class V vessels will be welcomed by operators of those vessels which might have difficulty complying.

The consultation documents can be found here.

Pratt Naval Architecture are well placed to assist operators wishing to  investigate upgrading or replacing their vessels, or provide feedback on the implications for their operation to the MCA. Link here.


Superyacht UK Technical Seminar 27th March 2019

Once again, excellent presentations – inspirational, informative and eye-opening with subjects ranging from carbon sailboat spars to sustainable boat building and innovative FRP projects.  A bonus was the opportunity to catch up with companies attending the British Marine Expo.



Concern at Stability Issues by US Coast Guard

A United States Coast Guard investigation into the loss of the F.V. Destination has issued Findings of Concern of which the operators of all vessels should take notice:

The need for qualified individuals and naval architects to update stability instructions and booklets when structural changes are made to a vessel, other equipment or operational gear is changed, or their placement is altered, and;
Naval architects should take the opportunity when stability instructions and booklets are updated to examine the vessel’s stability history to ensure previous stability calculations were sound and are suitable to continue to serve as a solid basis for any changes and updates.

Pratt Naval Architecture can assist vessel operators and owners by ensuring stability information is up-to-date.


MCA Consultation on “Grandfather Rights” of Older UK Passenger Ships

A recent MCA consultation  set out proposed amendments to the technical requirements applicable to UK Domestic Passenger Vessels.

One proposal would see all vessels operating at sea or on Category D waters and those on Category C tidal waters which do not currently have damage survivability (“Heel Test” vessels) required to upgrade to “damage survivability” – the ability to stay afloat when flooded with a certain level of residual stability.  A report of of a consultation meeting in November published  here today, 25th March 2019, shows that operators were very concerned about the potential impact of this.

Pratt Naval Architecture are well placed to assist operators wishing to take early action to investigate upgrading or replacing their vessels, or provide feedback on the implications for their operation to the MCA. Link here.